Ronnie II by Chuck Alderman

Ronnie II by Chuck Alderman
Ronnie is a young beautiful and elusive con-man. She cannot be taken at face value. Just when you think you have her figured out, you find that you don’t. She died in prison, or did she? What you see, is not always what you get. She’s cold, and hot, but don’t think you know her. She’ll take your money, and/or your life, and not regret either.
I recommend reading Ronniebefore reading Ronnie IIbut it can stand alone. A riveting tale of the crazy life of Veronica, or Ronnie, or Lilly, or … well, many other aliases. Ronnie is smart, quick, and just plain cruel. But in a way that leaves you rooting for her while also rooting for Mo, the cop who’s trying to track her down. It’s fast paced and full of action and if you like this genre, you’ll love this book! (By mheiman)

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