Worth a Second Look by Roberto Scarlato

Worth a Second Look by Roberto Scarlato
In 2009, in For What It’s Worth, we were introduced to stories of hit men, specters, crooks, playful spirits and empowered heroes. Now, a new batch of stories have come alive.
Come to a place where mice gain the ability to speak, where super humans work middle class jobs, where a mythical man grants chances to feeble victims and where science has created murder rooms or genetically mutated monsters. Discover worm holes, the supernatural and a bit of lunacy. Encounter the unexpected.
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About the Author
Roberto Scarlato has written stories since the early nineties. He’s worked many odd jobs but always came back to writing as his true passion. He currently lives in and wanders the great city of Chicago.
The author states, “Writing has always been my passion. I take it more seriously now. So far I’ve completed three books and am trying to write and complete 64 separate story ideas. I feel that the only way to unclutter my mind is to finish these stories and have them in print.

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