Ronnie, Ronnie II, and Full Circle by Chuck Alderman

Chuck Alderman has written three books, RonnieRonnie II and Full Circle.  

Ronnie by Chuck Alderman
Ronnie is beautiful, strong willed, and a ruthless young woman. She comes off as a demure, sweet little thing. Ronnie and her clan are a low level troop of Romany Gypsy Grifters. Fraud is the family business.
She and Logan have the classic love, hate relationship. Ronnie plays him, but for Logan it is love at first sight, and for that reason he cannot escape her many charms.
This story is fast paced with more larceny than love, and a plot twists that will keep you guessing.
By Barbara Billig
I originally read the draft edition which has been since updated. That updating might entitle the novel to a 5th star. I was very impressed with the plot and how it moved along with unexpected twists and turns. You won’t be bored with these characters and what happens to them. Additionally the story is not the same old, same old. If you want something a little different and be pleasantly entertained….try Ronnie.

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Ronnie II by Chuck Alderman
Ronnie is a young beautiful and elusive con-man. She cannot be taken at face value. Just when you think you have her figured out, you find that you don’t. She died in prison, or did she? What you see, is not always what you get. She’s cold, and hot, but don’t think you know her. She’ll take your money, and/or your life, and not regret either.
The original Ronnie left its title character defeated, friendless, and imprisoned, her gypsy clan completely shattered. However, Ronnie Lake is not one to easily accept defeat. This fast-paced and entertaining sequel weaves together two storylines: it follows Ronnie as she charms, scams, and connives her way across the country, and it also follows the policemen and private investigators trying their best to trail her. A biker gang, a naive millionaire, and a group of mobsters add to the novella’s colorful cast of characters. Anyone who has read the first Ronnie novella will find this a satisfying follow-up.)
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Full CircIe by Chuck Alderman
This novella is a two pronged story line. On one hand it features the rise of a mob hit man. The second connected story is about a fence, a low level outsider of the mob. It tells the two stories alternating in the book as they relate, and the Gypsy hag who’s control drives the way it goes. Her hold on our characters is subtle, yet devious.
By mheiman
This novella is short but packed with action. You follow the gangster lives of Lou and Fence. It’s interesting to see the lives of two men who live on the outskirts of the mafia world. Seems like we most often hear of the lives of the mafia leaders. But that doesn’t mean the tale of Lou and Fence are any less intriguing. Chuck’s writing style portrays the feel of the 1920’s gangster in a way the immerses the reader in the story while he also throws in a bit of New Orleans mystery and voodoo. All in all it’s a great read for anyone who enjoys a good bloody mafia book.
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