Reb’s Rebel Yell Crime Tales for Bad Boys and Girls by Reb MacRath

Southern Scotch is the first in the Reb’s Rebel Yell Crime Tales for Bad Boys and Girls series, followed by Alcatraz Corrections, which was released in November 2012.
Southern Scotch
by Reb MacRath
Boogie Nights meets Deliveranceand Have Gun Will Travel in a revenge thriller from award-winning Reb (Kelley Wilde) MacRath. Pete McGregor, a flamed-out Scot in Atlanta, is beaten half to death one night when he’s mistaken for a slippery con man. Five years later, he returns as the wealthy Boss MacTavin, head of Boss Corrections. Boss has a specific Correction in mind for the con man who cost him an eye. But the con man, he learns, had been set up in turn. The vengeance trail takes a dark turn into the murderous union of Atlanta’s adult film business and the INS. And this rugged Southern Scot soon learns he only thought he knew the meaning of absolute evil.
By Booky Nights
Vicious violence, black humor, quirky characters, a style that races along – McRath’s novel takes the reader into a murky world of crime and retribution (not strictly legal retribution, mind you) and a Boss who deals out what he calls Corrections. It’s told with verve and the people you meet populate the murky underworld of America. When a perfectly innocent working guy is mistaken for someone else and tortured, he undergoes a sea change. Slacker becomes vigilante for hire, and the adventure is on.
The author has written intriguing speculative fiction, and this is a new direction. If you like your thrillers hard as nails, cool as ice, and smooth as Scotch, give this one a try. I think you’ll enjoy it.
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The Alcatraz Correction
by Reb MacRath
When Boss MacTavin’s rich, ditsy client is killed before he can even begin, he’s in a quandary – because he’s been paid. The Scot in him says Take the money and go, but his Southern sense of honor insists that her death be Corrected. He finds a link between her death and the murders of two elderly men months apart, a trail that leads to Alcatraz. The great escape of ’62, he learns, was only the start of a tale of revenge spanning fifty years. And Boss finds himself with just three days to help an unknown killer find the last of three old men -or his kidnapped fiancée will die. Twenty years in the making, The Alcatraz Correction combines painstaking research with white-knuckle suspense.
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About the Author

Novelist/screenwriter/editor/syndicated journalist, Reb MacRath published four books as Kelley Wilde with Tor and Dell Abyss. His first novel, The Suiting, won a Stoker Award for Best First Novel in 1989 and was later optioned for film. After four horror novels, Reb retired from the genre and took off for The Desert to write the sort of novels he’d always loved to read: offbeat, quirky thrillers. The eight books he completed since 1993 will be released on Kindle Live, one every six-to-eight weeks. And Reb’s Desert Storm falls into two lively camps: Reb’s Rebel Yell Yuletide Chillers and Reb’s Rebel Yell Crime Tales for Bad Boys and Girls. Reb now lives in Charlotte … the world’s first Southern Scot, he says, to run like hell from Buffalo.

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