The Chicken and the Quail by Nissar Ahmed A. Naik

The Chicken and the Quail
by Nissar Ahmed A. Naik
A dead man stands up,and boards a flight to Singapore from Mumbai. Has he faked his death to escape financial troubles? Have the doctors who certified him dead been his accomplices? Or, has an impostor boarded the plane using his passport? Eventually when the police unravel the mystery, it is so mind boggling that it sends tremors around the world.
You can read an excerpt of this book on Wattpad.
By Rehan Khatib
This certainly is one of the best thrillers I have ever read. It reads like an interesting crime thriller until it reaches the point -the climax -where it becomes clear that it is science fiction. It gave me a real spine chilling experience. Once I started reading ,could not leave it till finish ; so much gripping and enjoyable. It made me sit up and think what would happen if this idea translates into reality.
The Author’s Geographical knowledge, the historic background of different civilizations, the medical science knowledge, the rich English literature put in a simple way, is so nicely used in the story that one can easily feel as if the scenes described are right in front of one’s eyes and is witnessing all the happenings! Therefore, I enjoyed the thriller thoroughly and gained knowledge without boredom!! Full marks. Superb!!!
The repeated use of the phrase “salt and pepper” could have been easily avoided, but finally what matters is, it is a great story.
About the Author
Mr. Nissar Ahmed A. Naik is an electrical engineer from India. He has been working in Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia and India. He has also been to Germany, Holland and Switzerland. He is passionate about writing poetry and has been posting poems on the web for many years. His poems are very emotional and have received laurels from the readers. This novel is based on a short story posted on the web. Some of the readers exhorted him to convert it into a novel. This resulted in creation of this book. Mr. Naik lives with his wife and children in Mumbai.

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