"Evil Across Time" by Roy Askham

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Evil Across Time
by Roy Askham
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Unlike the rest of us, Edwina’s sleep is far more exciting than her normal mundane day-to-day existence. Having an out of body experience, and travelling back in time to Medieval England, she is devastated to learn of the barbarism and perversion of the Scottish Royalty, which has deep ramifications for her life in modern day England.
On one occasion, after having a motor vehicle accident in which her car was a mangled wreck, Edwina survived under strange circumstances. According to onlookers, a tall woman who appeared to have Super Human strength, kicked the car door off from the inside before the car exploded in flames. Edwina, being the only person in the car, is not a tall woman, and is not capable of doing such a thing; neither does she have any memory of the incident whatsoever. This is only one of many occasions where similar things have happened.

My thoughts of Aunt Jean are abruptly interrupted in a way that scares the hell out of me as I see the “Mack” sign in large letters on the front of very large truck, which is now bearing down on top of my car, and then bang! That’s the last thing I remember about my car smash.

The next thing I know, a man is shaking me and saying, “Are you alright Ms.?” In a daze, all I can see is a ball of flames and a cloud of smoke surrounding a car on the opposite side of the road. I think, Oh my god, some poor person has had a really bad car accident. The thought of that, makes me feel sick, knowing that no one could survive such a thing. My thoughts are interrupted with the piercing noise of a siren that is becoming louder by the second, as I ask, “Where am I? Why am I sitting here at the side of the road?”

“You are in Wetherby Ms; do you know who you are and where you were going?”

“My name is Edwina and I’m going to visit my Aunt Jean here in Wetherby.”

“Well that’s a start Ms, an ambulance is here now and a tow truck is also on the way for your car but we need to know where your friend is Edwina?”

I am puzzled. What does he mean, my friend? and what the hell is happening here? I’ll ask him. “How do you mean, my friend? I was by myself.”

“Well Ms, I’m told that apparently a tall woman kicked the driver’s side door off the car and crawled out before it burst into flames, and it seems she has completely disappeared from the scene.”

Then all of a sudden I realise, Oh my god, it’s my car over there in flames, but who the hell was the tall woman. Then once again, I see a mind image of the large “Mack” sign again, as I did in the same moment that my consciousness left me.

I look at my car; it’s impossible for me to even think how any person, let alone me, could ever escape from such a mangled wreck. The man said that the door was completely removed by someone kicking it from the inside. To my way of thinking, only “super woman” could escape something like that and there’s no way that I fall into her category.
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About the Author
Roy Askham was born in Leeds, UK, and currently resides in Ballarat, Australia, with his wife. Having numerous out of body experiences and witnessing psychic phenomena over a long period, Roy wanted to know as much as possible about these topics. Consequently, over the last thirty five years, he has read hundreds of books on these subjects, and accordingly formed his own opinion about the meaning of life.
In his debut novel, Evil Across Time, Roy has acted out his beliefs in all things spiritual. The novel covers topics such as reincarnation, out of body experiences, the evolution of the soul, multiple personality disorders, and time travel.


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