This Week on Books Direct – 15 December 2013

This Week on Books Direct –
15 December 2013
Here’s a list of the articles you may have missed this week:
“3 Simple Steps to Writing a Successful Screenplay” – Article by Robert Baer for Speed Screenwriting.
Writing a screenplay doesn’t have to be so difficult if you follow these three steps. These steps come right from the pros, Robert McKee, Syd Field and other successful screenwriters such as Mark Sanderson.
“How to Sell Your First eBook” – Article by Cosmin for Vivastart.
Vivastart takes you from the very beginning and teaches you how to properly market your eBook for a successful campaign.
“Why No One Is Paying Attention To You (And How to Change It)” – Article by Bryan Hutchinson for Positive Writer.
Everyone wants to know how to get more attention for their work, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes. The question you have to ask yourself is a simple one, and yet, it’s profound and can change everything. Are you willing to do what it takes?
When writers finish a book, they may think they’ve had the last word. But sometimes another writer will decide there’s more to the story. There is one thing no one will ever know about these books: Whether the original authors approve of what has happened to their creations – or not.
“How Much Money Do Self-Published Authors Make?” – Article by Jeremy Greenfield for Forbes.
In short, not much.
“6 Grammar Points to Watch Out For in Christmas Songs” – Article by Arika Okrent for Mental Floss.
Understand the grammar in your favorite carols.
Wonderful libraries are everywhere, each one home to a unique collection of the world’s knowledge and history. The collections in these libraries, though, top the charts. Grab a bib, English majors – you’re about to drool.
“Have You Ever Considered Becoming A Pro Reviewer?” – Article by Charlotte for Thoughts and Pens.
What do you think of professional reviewers?
“12 Female Authors Every Woman (and Man) Must Know” – Article by Kara Nesvig for Thought Catalog.
Kara and a few friends put their heads together and made a list of the female authors that everyone needs to be aware of and the best places to start if you’d like to become more familiar with their work.
“In Defense of Crafting With Books” – Article by Amanda Nelson for Book Riot.
What do you think?
“How You May Be Sabotaging Your Gift to Write Words That Matter” – Article by Bryan Hutchinson for Positive Writer.
What if reverse psychology is one of the many tools doubt uses to cause you to stall, and even, give up? Let’s find out what you can do about it.
“The Rise and Fall of the Lowly Period” – Article by Kevin Drum for Mother Jones.
Texting culture is bringing about its demise.
“The Ultimate Writing Resource Masterlist” – Article by The Writers Archive.
This is an ultimate masterlist of many, many resources that could be helpful for writers/roleplayers.
“16 Fantastic Gifts For Lit Lovers Who Have Enough Books” – Article by Isaac Fitzgerald for BuzzFeed.
A book-free holiday gift guide for the book lover in your life.
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This Week on Books Direct – 1 December 2013

This Week on Books Direct –
1 December 2013
Here’s a list of the articles you may have missed this week:
“The History of the English Language, Animated” – Article by Maria Popova for Brain Pickings.
From the folks at Open University comes this infinitely entertaining and illuminating animated history of the English language in 10 minutes.
“Clues to Writing A Brilliant Mystery Story: Kate Pankhurst Investigates” – Article by Kate Pankhurst for This Craft Called Writing.
Read Kate’s article on writing a mystery, complete with illustrations.
“Literary Tourism: A Book Lover’s Guide to New Orleans, LA” – Article by Cassandra Neace for Book Riot.
Cassandra shows us the parts of the city that made her, as a lover of books, feel most at home.
A new tactile comic called Life has been designed for blind people using Braille-style embossing.
What do you think?
“Marry a Man Who Doesn’t Read (And Has a Nice Watch)” – Article by Christopher Hudspeth for Thought Catalog.
Marry a man who doesn’t read literature. Don’t fall in love with a creative. For if you succumb, you’ll never be safe.
“10 Things You Might Not Know About Maurice Sendak” – Article by Stacy Conradt for Mental Floss.
Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are is turning 50! Here are some Maurice Sendak facts you can work into conversation.
“Three Ways Commuting Can Enhance Your Creativity” – Article by Nicole Gulotta for Positive Writer.
Although commuting can have negative repercussions on our minds and bodies, there’s a silver lining, and it starts with changing your outlook.
What a great idea!
“Young Adult Readers ‘Prefer Printed to ebooks'” – Article by Liz Bury for The Guardian.
Sixteen to 24-year-olds are known as the super-connected generation, obsessed with snapping selfies or downloading the latest mobile apps, so it comes as a surprise to learn that 62% prefer print books to ebooks.
“Three J.D. Salinger Stories ‘Leaked’ Online” – Article by Dan Kedmey for TIME.
Three unpublished J.D. Salinger stories have been posted to a file-sharing website in defiance of the author’s wishes, USA Today reports.
“Writing Tips from a Bestseller: How to Build a Long Career” – Guest post by Barbara Bretton for Writing Novels That Sell.
10 great tips from Barbara, plus two giveaways!
“Kristen Weber on Developmental Editing for Your Fiction” – Article by Kirsten Weber for All Indie Writers.
One of the biggest benefits of indie publishing is the freedom it allows authors to assemble the perfect team to develop and represent their books. That includes bringing in the right editors. But what kind of editing help do you really need?
“Why You Should Make Every Sale a Celebration” – Article by Bryan Cohen for Become a Successful Author.
It’s easy to get disappointed as an author. We all want our books to be devoured by the population at large so we can sell thousands of copies a month and live completely off our writing. Most writers never reach those heights, and it’s understandable for the writers that fall short to get down in the dumps. But there is an alternative to beating yourself up whenever you don’t reach your lofty goals. Instead, you can celebrate even the smallest of achievements.
“The List List #84” – Article by Rebecca Joines for Book Riot
Book Riot’s weekly round-up of the best bookish lists floating around the internet.
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This Week on Books Direct – 24 November 2013

This Week on Books Direct –
24 November 2013
Here’s a list of the articles you may have missed this week:
“Is There A Formula To Be A Successful Writer?” – Article by Brian Feinblum for BookMarketingBuzzBlog.
How does one become a successful author? These are Brian’s ideas on how to succeed.
“You Are Not a Writer Till You are a Reader” – Article by Tarun Durga for Medium.
If we want to create worlds, we should know what stories are made of. We have to be truly interested in stories.
“Beyond the Bestsellers: So You’ve Read Sarah Dessen” – Article by Kelly Jensen for Book Riot.
Are you a fan of Sarah Dessen? If so, here are some other authors you should read.
“Meeting the Street Poet of NYC” – Article by Scott Berkun.
Meet Donald Green, street poet of New York City.
To make sure that your ebook creation is as painless as possible, HubSpot has compiled these resources all in this blog post. You should have no problem creating an ebook after checking out all of these templates, blog posts, and free resources.
“I Was Late to the Classics Party” – Article by Jeremy Anderberg for Book Riot.
Jeremy reveals how he came to read the classics. How did you discover the classics?

“Want to become an authority in your industry? Try blogging.” – Article by  Ronan Steyn for Ventureburn.
How do you establish yourself as an authority or thoughtleader in your respective industry? Try blogging.
“Book Marketing & Author Publicity Toolkit: 2014” – Article by Brian Feinblum for BookMarketingBuzzBlog.
Brian has put together a book publicity and marketing toolkit. It consists of some of his best and most useful blog posts from the past year.
“Why Writers are the Most Brutal Critics of Other Writers” – Article by Bryan Hutchinson for Positive Writer.
Writers have the reputation of giving harsh criticism to fellow writers. But is it true? Are writers each other’s most brutal critics?
“14 Ways to Tick off a Writer” – Article by Rebecca Makkai for Ploughshares.
Writers are fun and easy to annoy. Minimum effort, maximum rage. Try these 14 simple tricks.  I do no. 14 in all my author interviews!
Hate bad grammar? How about those bad grammar posts?
“9 Beautiful Bookshelves of Questionable Functionality” – Article by Amanda Nelson for Book Riot.
Would you ever use one of these?
“When I Was a Kid: Book Edition” – Article by Mike Cane.
Do you have any more to add?
Somewhere to hide those Christmas gifts.
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This Week on Books Direct – 17 November 2013

This Week on Books Direct –
17 November 2013
Here’s a list of the articles you may have missed this week:
“Christian Parenting” – Brought to you by Bundle of the Week.
This week’s bundle includes encouragement for the weary mom, practical parenting tips and devotions to help you focus your heart even from the trenches of parenthood. And all for only $7.40 (a discount of more than 70%).
Want to use Facebook to launch a product & throw a HUGE launch party? Here’s how Robert Scoble & Shel Israel did it for their new book.
“How to Write a Novel” – Article by Stephanie Morrill for Go Teen Writers.
It’s hard to write a solid “Step by Step” guide for writing a novel, but this is Stephanie’s process, more or less.
“Things Famous Authors Liked” – Article by Rachel Cordasco for Book Riot.
Rachel has compiled a list of things that famous writers liked. Your turn now. You’re a famous writer, what do YOU like?
“Tricks for Creating A Strong Character Voice in Dialogue” – Article by Lorrie Porter for This Craft Called Writing.
Making dialogue sound genuine is an art in itself. Creating a distinctive voice for every character in a story is no easy task. Lorries has some tips which may help you write dialogue for each of your characters which steps off the page in a unique and individual way.
“If Books Ruled the World” – Article by Rachel Cordasco for Book Riot.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if books ruled the world?
“8 Easy Writing Tips to Improve Your Blogging and Make Sales” – Article by Angela Booth for Social Media Today.
Are you making sales from your blog? You’ll have many reasons for blogging, but those reasons break down to the nitty-gritty: sales. The following writing tips will help you to improve your blogging and SELL.
“Writing For YOU”– Article by The Magic Violinist for Positive Writer.
Have you gotten bored with the book you’re writing. The key to becoming excited about your book again is to chill. Don’t panic.
A New York court has dismissed a lawsuit against Google by authors who accused the internet giant of digitally copying millions of books for an online library without permission. What do you think?
Rebecca Joines Schinsky for Book Riot.
A whole bunch of Riot readers submitted photos of their Book Fetish-style goodies, and Rebecca has picked some of the best ones to share with you today. Do you have one of your own to share?
“Why Are You Following Only Authors? Follow Readers!” – Article by Rachel Thompson for
How do I connect with readers on social media? I know they’re out there, but how do I find them? A great question, a not so easy answer.
“Book Blogging Tips” – Article by Jenny for Jennyinneverland.
Jenny shares her top tips for book blogging.
“10 Speaking Tips for Authors” – Article by Brian Feinblum for BookMarketingBuzzBlog
Brian gives authors 10 tips for public speaking.
“For Sale: The Luxury Home Libraries of Your Dreams” – Article by Becky Cole for Book Riot.
Sotheby’s International Realty just posted a roundup of the most lustworthy luxury home libraries in their currently for-sale properties. Got some spare cash?
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This Week on Books Direct – 10 November 2013

This Week on Books Direct –
10 November 2013
Here’s a list of the articles you may have missed this week:
“Celebrating Christmas” – Brought to you by Bundle of the Week.
This week’s bundle offers a collection of ebooks to help you celebrate a simple Christmas with traditional activities, homemade gifts, healthy recipes and a devotional for the advent season. Save more than 75% as you rediscover and focus on the true meaning of Christmas!
“Kindle Countdown Deals” – brought to you by
Have you heard about the new Kindle Countdown Deals? This is a new KDP Select benefit that allows authors to run limited-time discount promotions on their books. Customers can see the regular price and the promotional price on the book’s detail page, as well as a countdown clock telling them how much time is left at the promotional price. What do you think?
“How to Choose a Pen Name” – Article by Belinda Pollard for Small Blue Dog Publishing.
If you’ve decided to use a pen name, how do you choose it? There are so many options!
“10 Book Sequels Not Written by the Original Authors” – Article by Emily Anna Smith for Mental Floss.
Can you think of any others?
What a lovely place to shop! What’s the nicest bookstore you’ve ever been in?
“Amazon Has A Plan To Get Indie Bookstores To Kill Themselves” – Article by Jay Yarow for Business Insider Australia.
Amazon is telling bookstores that they can now sell the Kindle in their stores. When a customer who buys the Kindle in the store buys a book on the Kindle, the store gets 10% of the sale for two years after the Kindle is sold. Will this eventually lead to the demise of independent bookstores?
“3 Time Tested Tips: How to Choose a Book a Child Will Cherish” – Article by Alison Gerber for Apartment Therapy.
Have you got a child in your life you can’t wait to buy a book for? If you want your next book purchase to be a whole lot more yowee than yuck, here are Alison’s three top tips tried and tested over the years and found to be true time and time again.
“Show and Tell: Rioter Reading Places” – Article by Liberty Hardy for Book Riot.
The staff at Book Riot share their favorite reading nooks. Where do you like to read?
“How to Get Awesome Book Cover Blurbs” – Article by Sandra Beckwith for Build Book Buzz.
Follow these 9 easy steps to get back cover blurbs even your mother would be proud of.
“The Library Vending Machine” – Article by Jeff for Book Riot.
Faced with budget cuts and changing demographics, The Pioneer Library System in Norman, Oklahoma decided to use technology to meet its patrons needs. What do you think?
“The Top 3 Rules of Social Media for Authors” – Article by Chris Robley for BookBaby.
If you want to build a large online readership and effectively promote your book through social media, there are three very important things to remember, no matter which social networks you’re using.
“9 Things That Don’t Make You A Nerd” – Article by Malina Bickford for Thought Catalog.
Reading does not make you a nerd!
“31 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Writing” – Article by Leo Babauta for Write to Done.
No matter how much you love writing, there will always be days when you need inspiration from one muse or another. Leo has compiled a list of some of his favorite ways of finding inspiration.
“25 Hard Truths About Writing and Publishing” – Article by Chuck Wendig for Terrible Minds.
Be warned. Written in Chuck’s usual inimitable style.
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This Week on Books Direct – 3 November 2013

This Week on Books Direct –
3 November 2013
Here’s a list of the articles you may have missed this week:
“Kitchen Essentials” – Brought to you by Bundle of the Week.
From meal planning and freezer cooking to organizing your kitchen and preparing your own mixes ahead of time, this week’s bundle will help you save time and money in the kitchen. Discover new recipes, time- and money-saving strategies, and more so that you can enjoy preparing dinner for your family rather than dreading the dinner hour! This week only, get all five of these resources for almost 85% off.

In Japan, some bookstores have taken to stacking their goods into intricate and elaborate piles that sometimes tower over the heads of the shoppers. These amazing book sculptures have received mixed reviews from bookstore browsers. What do you think?
As we head into fall, do you feel that your blog needs new spark. Here are 10 blog tips to get spiffed up for fall.
“Writers: Are You Out Of Time?” – Article by Jay for Speed Screenwriting.
Finding time to write sometimes just comes down to a writer’s worst enemy: procrastination. Every writer I have ever known has always a reason or two to procrastinate. It’s part of being a writer. The question is how long should this go on?
“Navigating the Author/Reader Relationship in Online Communities” – Article by Molly O’Keefe for Dear Author.
Molly’s thoughts on how authors and reviewers interact online. What are your thoughts?
“6 Writers’ Apps for NaNoWriMo” – Article by Jason Rodway for Apartment Therapy.
Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year? Here are some handy Smartphone apps to help you out.
If you’ve published a book, or if you’re planning to publish, you’ll want to know how to get reviews on Amazon. Lots of them. You don’t have to wait months or years for reviews to start coming in, because if you follow the instructions in this post, you can get them in a matter of weeks! It doesn’t matter if you’re self-published or traditionally published.
Has this ever happened to you? What did you do?
“10 Awesome Literary Mustaches” – Article by Rachel for Book Riot.
You may or not be aware that we’re in a special month now. No, it’s not just November. It’s MOVEMBER (also known as No Shave November). Which means that a significant number of men in my life will be letting their razors rust for a full 30 days to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues like prostate cancer. In honor of Movember, Rachel gives us her Top Ten Literary Mustaches!

“eBookmark Bridges eBooks and Real Books” – Article by Lambert Varias for Technabob.
What do you think?

“Europe Looking to Follow US to Approve In-Flight Electronics” – Article by Samuel Gibbs for The Guardian.
UK and European regulators are scrutinizing use of electronic devices during take-off and landing after US gives approval. What are your thoughts?

Amazon has just launched a new program called “Kindle First” that gives customers the ability to buy and download selected books one month before their official release date. What do you think? Will you be joining?
Here’s a direct linkif you’re interested.
“Think Like They Think” – Article by Jay Baer for Speed Screenwriting.
Jay talks about your character’s POV, getting into their head, and becoming your character. What are your tricks for doing this?
“35 Badass Quotes That Will Make You Rethink Going To College” – Article by Ryan Holiday for Thought Catalog.
Ryan has collected his favorite sayings on self-education. Have you got any to add?

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This Week on Books Direct – 27 October 2013

This Week on Books Direct –
27 October 2013
Here’s a list of the articles you may have missed this week:
“Real Food for Winter” – Brought to you by Bundle of the Week.
As the cold months approach, we’ve put together a bundle packed full of seasonal, real food recipes to help your family stay healthy, nourished and satisfied this winter! This collection includes more than 175 recipes at almost 80% off their retail price from bloggers who are known for their delicious and nourishing real food recipes.
“For Silicon Valley Novels, Blurring Fiction and Non-Fiction” – Article by Nick Bilton for The New York Times.
Mark Twain once said: “It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.” It seems that Dave Eggers has people questioning which of those two types of storytelling he wrote about in his new book, The Circle.
Canadian author Alice Munro recently became the first Canadian in Nobel history to win the big prize for literature. She was also only the 13th woman to get the world’s highest honor for writing in the Swedish academy’s 112-year history. Here’s a look back at all the female Nobel literature winners from 1909-2013.
Here, from a range of genres and time periods, are some notable exceptions to the “all famous authors are jerks” rule.
“The Power of Introverts” – YouTube video by Susan Cain.

“6 Things You Need to Know Before You Write a Book Review” – Article by Riley Banks for The Writer’s Shack.
How to write a book review. Seems a simple enough thing, right? So why do so many people get it wrong? Riley shows us the basics.
Fantasy author Neil Gaiman has said “snobbery and foolishness” by adults about certain books can easily destroy a child’s love of reading.
“Finding Libraries in Unexpected Places” – Article by Derek Attig for Book Riot.
We usually think about libraries as staid and steady buildings, safely immobile on our city streets. Derek shares some of the more unusual ways that librarians have taken books out into the world.
“An Amazonian Rant” – Article by Kasia James for The Writer’s Shack.
Why is there no advanced search system on Amazon?
“6 Ways To Find Solace In Your Loneliness” – Article by Jenna Michelle for Thought Catalog.
You can always read a book.
Long before Amazon was bringing books to your doorstep, there was the Bookmobile! A travelling library often used to provide books to villages and city suburbs that had no library buildings.
“Down the Rabbit Hole: A Bookish Introduction to Reddit” – Article by Josh Corman for Book Riot.
Even for those of us who consider ourselves technologically savvy, internet-literate, and “with it”in a way belied by our un-ironic use of phrases like “with it”, Reddit can be a frightening place. So what are we bookish types to do with Reddit?
“Libraries of the Rich and Famous” – Article by Wallace Yovetich for Book Riot.
Let’s take a look at homes of people who can dedicate an entire room to being a library. Jealous yet?
“A Few Simple Rules for Being Bookish Best Friends” – Article by Cassandra Neace for Book Riot.
These are 4 pretty firm rules that most everyone can agree on.

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